• How To Care For Your Jewelry

    Demi-fine jewelry strikes the perfect balance between luxury and affordability, offering pieces that are both high-quality and accessible. But like all treasured items, they require a certain level of care to maintain their beauty over time. Here’s how you can keep your jewelry looking as good as new.
  • Custom Jewelry Gallery

    A selection of custom made jewelry pieces
  • Why You Should Invest In Demi-Fine Jewelry

    Nothing is more frustrating than finding your new favorite everyday jewelry piece only for it to turn your skin green or fade after a few wears! Th...
  • Mother's Day Pop-Up at Sugar and Spruce!

    Find something special for mom at the first ever Belladonna and Co pop-up on May 7th at Sugar and Spruce in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Shop ready made pieces or customize your own!