Why You Should Invest In Demi-Fine Jewelry

Nothing is more frustrating than finding your new favorite everyday jewelry piece only for it to turn your skin green or fade after a few wears! There are endless options in the jewelry market with so many different buzz words that makes it very difficult to figure out what pieces are high quality enough to invest in without breaking the bank. If you’re not ready to invest thousands of dollars into your jewelry box but are still looking for high quality pieces that will last then demi-fine jewelry is just what you’re looking for!

So what exactly is demi-fine jewelry? It’s a funny phrase that actually exists as the sweet spot between luxury, fine jewelry and a lot of the cheap costume jewelry that floods the market. With demi-fine pieces you will get to enjoy real silver and gold at an attainable price point. Solid sterling silver and 14k gold filled metals combined with real, ethically sourced gemstones and freshwater pearls allows you to invest in jewelry that makes you feel your best without fear of how durable your jewelry may be. Feel confident to live your life loud and proud while adorned with fierce high quality jewelry! 


Keep an eye out for the next post in this series which will break down what makes demi-fine jewelry materials so special!